What makes our UPF 50 swimwear so good?
Our UV garments have the highest and best UPF rating. Besides being wonderfully soft and comfy, our UPF swimwear has lots of excellent qualities...

Excellent UV protection

They are UPF 50, which means that they give at least 98 per cent protection against UV rays, which is the highest possible in a fabric.

Recycled materials
When you feel how soft our swimwear is, it’s hard to believe that they’re made from recycled fishing nets!

Copes with chlorine
The material is highly durable and chlorine resistant

Sun protection factor and oil resistant
Contact with sunscreen or oils will not damage our UV clothes

Excellent coverage
Maximum coverage – no risk of transparency

Durable and quick-drying material
The material is extremely durable and dries quickly too. But don’t worry, it’s still very soft!

Stays soft and smooth
Our material gets the best score in tests of pilling and abrasion resistance