Our fashion isn't fast, because it is made to last.

Our clothes are designed and made with the intention of having a much longer lifespan than average, reducing the need for excess production. This means less carbon dioxide, less waste, whilst also reducing energy and water consumption.

We produce sustainable kids clothes that can be passed down and reused. Good for the planet and good for your pocket.

Achieving our sustainability goal 2 years early...

Two years earlier than expected, we are thrilled to announce that 100% of our product range is now made from more sustainable materials! This target was originally set for 2025 – we reached it in 2023! This means that at least 70% of every PO.P garment is made from more sustainable fibres.

We have identified market leading materials with less impact on our people, animals, and planet, without compromising on our high-quality standards. The longevity of our clothes remains unchanged, with every garment to be worn by three children – at least!

We avoid using ecolabelled materials that do not meet our quality requirements, as we strongly believe the most important thing we can do for our precious planet is to make high-quality clothes, durable enough to be worn by many children. Advances are constantly being made in sustainable fibre technology and we are continuously working hard to update our materials. You can find information regarding the fibre content of every PO.P garment in the items washing instructions.

The following materials are currently available in our range:


Reclaimed fabrics

Clothes carrying this label are made from leftover material from previous collections. These products may consist of less than 70% sustainable fibre, as we’re making use of materials from previous seasons. By creating garments from existing materials, we’re helping not only to reduce waste but also to conserve our planet's precious resources.

Proud to be helping transform the global retail industry...

  • ALL of our range is made of either GOTS organic cotton, recycled materials or other new eco friendly materials. Helping to minimise the impact our products have on the planet.

  • 100% of our baby collection is made from Organic Cotton

  • We support these practices by paying a little extra for our materials, this ensuring that we produce the very best sustainable and ethical kids clothes

Sustainable Kids Clothes: Did You Know?

  • Our recycled polyester is made from discarded PET bottles
  • Every one of our fleece jacket is made using 13 recycled plastic bottles, that's 13 bottles less going in to landfill or our oceans.
  • By using recycled materials we're not only helping to preserve the Earth's resources, it also prevents them from ending up in our oceans or landfill

What About Our Outerwear?

  • No harmful chemicals are used in the production of our outerwear
  • Any polyester in our outerwear range is recyclyed
  • Our outerwear is made with Primaloft padding rather than down
  • Polarn O. Pyret offers a free repair service on all outerwear. If a zip or popper breaks, we'll fix it
  • Our outerwear is produced using mulesing free wool
  • We also offer a second hand service for people to sell their outerwear back to us

Our sustainability report describes our sustainability work during the past year and how we work with sustainability based on several aspects, such as the environmental impact of our products and our manufacturing, social conditions and how we work to increase the life of our products

You can read the full report here

Polarn O. Pyret Second Hand

PO.P Second Hand is our circular fashion movement, helping to expand the lifespan of Polarn O. Pyret clothes even further. You can re-sell your old items to us to ensure that the garment is used to its full potential when it is no longer of use to you.

We are leaders in clothing sustainability, and because of this we believe that re-using clothes is one of the best ways to help the environment. Find out more here.

PO.P Repairs

One of our main goals is to help protect the environment and be a leader for sustainability in the fashion industry. As a part of this ongoing commitment, we offer a FREE service repairing zips and broken poppers on any Polarn O. Pyret outerwear garments.

Find out more by clicking here.



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One of our main goals is to help protect the environment and be a leader in sustainability...