When the skies open up, rain pours down and the earth is transformed into a giant mud puddle – this is of course when your little ones find it the most fun to play outside. These are the days when kids clothes are really put to the test, therefore you need to make sure that your kids rainwear is ready for the challenge.

When looking to purchase rainwear for kids there are a couple of different options to choose from. Whether you pick traditional rainwear or a shell outerwear item, both have their own advantags and disadvantages. In this blog we will discuss what the best choice is for your little one.

What Is Best For My Child: Rainwear Or Shell Fabric?

Now that you've decided to purchase new kids rainwear there comes a decision between choosing rainwear or shell outerwear.

Since shell garments work so well with the layering principle, are more flexible in the fabric, and are made of a durable material, many people prefer shell over traditional rainwear.

These are all fantastic factors to take into consideration when buying rainwear for kids, but your choice should be made on the application. If your child is sitting still in the sandpit or making mud pies, you may not need the breathability of shell, and it will be easier to clean a kids rainwear item with a simple rinse as opposed to a washing machine cycle.

So give some thought to how your baby, toddler or child usually uses their outerwear, and then make a choice based on what is best kids rainwear jacket or trousers for both yourself and your little one.

Kids Shell Jackets & Trousers

Polarn O. Pyret shell range includes wind and breathable waterproof jackts and trousers with taped seams in durable materials that breathe. Everything your child needs to stay happy, warm and dry whilst playing out in rainy conditions.

Our shell garments have a waterproof rating of over 10,000 mm. Kids waterproof clothing is rated by using a water column to indicate how much water pressure a garment can withstand before it starts to leak. A garment with a waterproof rating of at least 2,000 mm can be called waterproof if it has taped seams. A good functional garment that breathes should be able to withstand a water column of 10,000 mm. Our waterproofing process is PFC free since 2015, so you can be confident that your children wear their PO.P Outerwear without unpleasant chemicals being used in the production of our clothes.

Our kids waterproof trousers have detachable and adjustable braces and pre-bent legs for increased mobility. The waist and ends of the legs are adjustable, and the elastic foot straps make sure the trousers stay in place and don’t ride up. The foot straps are held in place with buttons and can be easily replaced if needed. Our waterproof shell trousers have a zip in the side to make dressing and undressing as quick and simple as possible. 3M reflectors provide 360-degree visibility in low lighting conditions.

Taking Care Of Your Shell Outerwear

You should wash your shell garments inside out with zips and Velcro tabs closed to protect reflectors and trim. Shell garments can be dried in a drying cabinet or airing cupboard on low temperature settings. Kids waterproof shell garments should not be tumble dried. You should wipe down this type of clothing with a moist cloth and ensure they aren't machine washed too often. Washing machines impair a fabric’s ability to repel dirt and water.

After a few washes, you may want to re-waterproof shell garments to maintain water resistance. To know if your Shell needs to re-impregnated, you can sprinkle some water on to it. If the water droplets roll off the fabric the impregnation is still intact. If the water droplets get stuck and wet the fabric, it is time to re-impregnate. For the impregnation to last as long as possible from the beginning, it is important that the item is dried in warm sunlight or in an airing cupboard afterwards.

We recommend our customers to use Nikwax or Green Guard re-impregnation spray. This since these two are PFC–free options that we have tested on our waterproofs for kids. Further we recommend our customers to follow the instructions given on the bottle to ensure optimum results.


Traditional Kids Rainwear

Polarn O. Pyret also carries traditional kids rainwear with welded seams that hold tight. Our traditional rainwear has a waterproof rating of about 8,000 mm, and a very smooth surface that is easy to clean with a simple wipedown.

Polarn O. Pyret has a selection of rainwear for kids including traditional rain jackets and rain trousers with matching hats and mittens in every collection.

PO.P rain trousers have adjustable braces and elastic straps that go under the feet. Naturally, there are also reflectors on both the back and front of our kids rainwear to ensure that your children can be seen in darker conditions.

Our rain jacket has a soft fleece on the inside of the collar and a 360-degree reflective band all the way around the bottom of the jacket to ensure visibility in the dark. Polarn O. Pyrets rainwear for kids has been designed to ensure the best for your little ones in all environments and conditions.

Traditional Rainwear Care Procedure

Traditional rainwear also functions best with only occasional washes, you should wash traditional rainwear inside out and air dry to ensure the optimum lifespan from your kids rainwear.

What If Water Leaks In?

Sometimes water can seep in from somewhere else other than through the fabric itself. Water can, for example, trickle in under the collar or cuffs of kids rainwear, this will make the inside of the garment wet. Sometimes condensation can also occur on the inside of the garment if the clothes are too tight and don’t let out the moisture that forms when your child is very active.

If you suspect that water has seeped in through the fabric without excessive water pressure, please contact your nearest shop or our customer care. Our goal is to make sure that our customers are always satisfied with their kids rainwear, and if you are not, we will do everything we can to change that.




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