Layering retains heat, leads moisture away from the body and keeps the cold out - without overheating.

Add or remove a layer when there is a change in weather or activity levels. Wear layers 1, 2 and 3 when the temperature drops below 5C.

Layer 1: The inner layer that keeps the body warm and dry.

Layer 2: The middle layer that insulates warmth under the outer layer.

Layer 3: The outer layer that also keeps the warmth in and the weather out.

Layer 1

Merino wool base layers will lock in warmth next to the skin much better than cotton. Good thermal layers should lead cold moisture away from the skin, and wool does the job perfectly.

Polyester base layers are a cheaper alternative to wool and can still be very effective - we use soft fibres made from recycled materials.

Cotton is most comfortable against the skin in mild weather and when your child is only moderately active. But if your child perspires a lot, the cotton will absorb moisture and they will get wet and cold, as cotton lacks the ability to wick away moisture.


Layer 2

You can use several garments as a middle layer and remove them as necessary. So make sure this garment has a zip or other opening that makes it easy for your child to open and remove.

Our lightweight Puffer Jackets & our Fleece Jackets popper into our Shell Jackets to make a warm coat or can be worn alone in milder weather!

Made of hi-tech breathable fleece, light insulation or terry wool, they retain heat yet release moisture. If the garment is not breathing, the body can quickly turn cold.


Layer 3

The outer layer that also keeps the warmth in and the weather out. Children's outerwear should be highly durable and withstand any possible weather in order to handle outdoor play & adventure. It keeps the body dry in rain, hail and snow!

Our Outer Layer fabrics are wind & waterproof, yet highly breathable. They hold in heat whilst feeling light and without restricting movement.

And it should have 360-degree reflectors to ensure your child is visible in all kinds of weather and from all angles.


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Waterproof Shell Baby Overall-Unisex-Green-6m-2y

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