Product safety and quality are important issues

Our clothing should be comfortable and long lasting. Quality that lives up to customers' expectations, that's why we subject them to TOUGH tests!

The more active kids are at playtime, the more wear their clothes have to stand up to, we encourage kids to be kids.

We treat quality with the utmost seriousness, we leave the "play" to children.

Testing durability

We use a method developed to test heavy duty workwear. This is done by mounting the fabric in a machine where it is rubbed against high grade course sandpaper. The test is stopped when two threads in the fabric have snapped.

The results are then measured in terms of how many rounds of abrasion it took. The higher the number, the more hard wearing the fabric.

Waterproof tests

Waterproof outerwear has a membrane on the reverse of the fabric which is made up of microscopic pores.

These pores are too small to allow water drops to penetrate through, which ensures the garment is water resistant.

How water resistant a garment is, is measured in "millimetre water columns" which show how much pressure the fabric can withstand before water starts to penetrate through the water resistant membrane.

How Waterproof?

A garment is classed as water resistant if it can withstand a water column of at least 3,000mm. For children to stay dry, even when sitting and playing in puddles, their outer clothing should be able to withstand at least 5,000 mm.

Much of our outerwear has a waterproof rating of 10,000

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