Store cards form (IE)

PO.P+ step-by-step instructions:

1) Count the total cards captured for the week (Sunday - Saturday only)
For example, Sunday 1st July - Saturday 7th July 2018

2) Add the card captured number to the weekly document sent to Carolyn (must match the above, Sunday - Saturday only)

3) Check the emails provided are Good / Unverifiable / Bad in the EmailHippo software

4) Make sure all cards captured that are Good / Unverifiable are input into the store cards form online by Saturday at the latest
(if not added to the form before Saturday they will not show in your Accepted results for that week)

5) You must add your store location to the form otherwise it will not count towards your store total

6) Send your EmailHippo export with all emails (Good / Unverifiable / Bad) to by Saturday at the very latest

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