PO.P Second Hand Ireland Terms and Conditions

Item return T&C's

* All items must be returned clean and freshly washed, items will be returned otherwise.
* Customers must be signed up to PO.P + to be eligible to return items to PO.P Second Hand.
* Items include outerwear coats, jacket, trousers, overalls, rainwear.
* Accessories, thermal layers and footwear are not eligible for PO.P Second Hand.
* You will be given a store voucher in exchange for your Second Hand item from our Arnotts Concession. This can be used at any point within 12 months of receipt.
* You will receive one voucher code per item returned, separate items will be treated as separate vouchers, vouchers CANNOT be combined.
* All items will fall into either Category A, B or C (see below) and assessment will be done by a Polarn O. Pyret staff member.
* Our buy back prices can be found here, price given will be based on Category (see below) and size of garment.

Category A - New condition, almost unused. The garment is unused or used, but really good condition. The garment has no abrasions or stains anywhere on the garment, all details such as buttons, press-buttons, velcro and zips are still in new condition. Freshly washed. Pockets empty.

Category B - Used condition. The garment is full workable and wearable, but has signs of use. Garments that are 5 years old or older ones always fall into Category B or C. Freshly washed. Pockets empty.

Category C - Really worn products. Fully working clothes but with flaws such as fading, abrasion or missing hood. Freshly washed. Pockets empty.

Voucher/Discount T&C's.

* Vouchers can only be used against full priced items and not in conjunction with any other offer or discount.
* Vouchers cannot be redeemed against Second Hand items or gift cards/vouchers.
* Vouchers can only be redeemed in our Arnotts.
* Vouchers for multiple returned Second Hand Items CANNOT be combined.
* Vouchers must be used in a single transaction and only one voucher per transaction.
* Vouchers are to be used within 12 months of being received.

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