This is a great activity that can be played indoors or outdoors, all you need is some crayons or felt tips and a spare piece of paper (or a printer for our downloadable version). It is a simple, fun and interactive activity that can be tailored to different age groups. If your kids are just learning colours you can grab many different items from around the house or garden and then let them sort them out into colour groups. Alternatively, if they are slightly older you can leave them to scavenger the house or garden themselves to find items to match the colours on the page.

How to create the colour sheet:

Option 1: Grab a spare piece of paper and crayons, then scribble the colours on the page and label them

Option 2: Use an old magazine to scout out colours and stick them onto a piece of paper (this version can make the activity longer and more crafty)

Option 3: Download our printable colour sheet