Pancake Day is one of our favourite days to look forward to. Not only do we get to eat delicious pancakes, we get to take part in lots of fun activities too. This year, we’ll be wrapping up warm and doing a pancake race in the garden.

Below are the rules so your family can take part too. We’ve also included some of our favourite toppings to put on your pancakes after the race is complete.

Ready, set, race!

Taking part in a pancake race is simple and easy. All you need is:

  • 🥞A frying pan and a cooked pancake for each team
  • 🥞A chef’s hat or apron for each team
  • A basic obstacle course where you have to flip the pancake at specified points

​Get one member from each team to stand at the starting point with their pancake and frying pan.

When the whistle blows, the first person from each team races through the obstacle course and when you reach a “stop” point, do one flip of the pancake!

Once the pancake has been flipped at every stop point, run back to the start and hand the frying pan and chef’s hat to the next team member.

Whichever team has all its members complete the obstacle course the quickest wins the pancake race!

But everyone is a winner on pancake day as you all get to enjoy delicious pancakes afterwards.

PO.P’s Favourite Pancake Toppings

One of the best parts of eating pancakes is deciding how to garnish them! We asked out PO.P family to give us their favourite toppings and these were the winners:

  1. Keep it simple with classic lemon and sugar
  2. For the chocolate lovers it has to be Nutella
  3. Sweet and salty with maple syrup and bacon
  4. Make it fresh with fruit and whipped cream