How to dress your baby in winter or spring!

The clothing we advise:

1. Layer 1: A two-piece set or an all-in-one made of soft fabric; we recommend cotton or wool.

2. Layer 2: Add an extra layer if it’s chilly; we recommend fleece (not windproof fleece), wool or a thicker knit.

3. Layer 3: A windproof fleece overall with foldover sleeve and leg cuffs.

4. Hat: A helmet hat that covers your baby’s ears, preferably a windproof one.

5. Blanket/sleeping bag: Easy to add and remove/open and close. Why not have several blankets?

One of the questions that we often get asked is about the best way to dress your baby in the transitional period between winter and spring, when the weather is unpredictable, and can alternate between chilly and mild in a short space of time. As all children are different, it’s impossible for us to say exactly what will suit your baby, but here are our top tips:

One layer can be a soft blanket

Dress in layers
Newborn babies don’t sweat the same way older children and adults do, therefore they don’t need to wear clothes that transport moisture from the body. Most important is for the clothes to be comfortable and warm. We recommend thermal layer (layer 1) in wool or cotton. On chilly days, our thermal layers in wool are perfect for your baby, for example our wool overall that is thin but warm. This overall can also be used as middle layer (layer 2) with thin cotton underneath, because a middle layer is needed when the temperature is low. For middle layer we recommend wool or fleece. A fleece favourite is our cosy jacket with a super-soft fleece lining. The outer layer should protect your baby from all kinds of weather. During this period we recommend our wind fleece bunting with fold-over wrist and ankle cuffs. Another layer could be something as simple as a soft blanket!

Which items should you switch first?
You can start by switching your baby’s winter mittens and hat for more lightweight versions as the weather turns milder. Change a thick hat for a hat made of cotton. If your baby is dressed in a pramsuit with foldover sleeve and leg cuffs, you can use these instead of mittens and booties. When it’s still so cold that your baby needs an outer layer (Layer 3), you can regulate your baby’s temperature with the help of the middle layer. Remove, open up or add an extra layer. When it turns milder, you can remove the outer layer, but keep the middle layer.

How can you be sure your baby’s not too cold or overheating?
To make sure that you’ve dressed your little one correctly, we recommend gently feeling the back of your baby’s neck. If it feels sweaty, your baby is too hot. If it feels cold, it’s time to add more layers. If your baby is crying or seems unhappy this could also be a sign that you need to adjust your baby’s clothing.

Please see our tips as general recommendations. They may not all be right for your baby – you know your baby best!