Well designed in every way.

For us, safe & secure features are just as important as the fabrics and we have zero tolerance for product recalls for child safety reasons. Therefore, we focus on technical solutions that minimize any risks and are especially designed for children.

You can be at ease in the knowledge that we continuously carry out risk assessments of our garments to ensure that they meet our child safety requirements, which are often higher than the law requires. Here are some examples of the features our clothes have for increased child safety:

Caps without sharp edges

Our caps & hats never have a metal buckle at the back because they often have sharp edges that can scratch soft skin.

Drawstring on the inside

Our jackets are tightened on the inside - the drawstring is thus placed towards the body, to reduce the risk of the cord getting caught in something such as a car door.

Neck warmers instead of scarves

For safety reasons, we have always chosen to only make neck warmers that close securely around the neck, instead of long scarves that can easily get stuck anywhere when playing (or easily lost).

Reflections at all angles

Our outer garments always have reflections with 360 degree visibility, so that the children can be seen properly in the dark.

Detachable Hoods

We always have detachable hoods for jackets and hoodies for kids 1-12Y, to reduce the risk of garments getting caught in something.

Hoods that breathe

Hoods and the front of garments for the babies are not windproof, as young children may find it difficult to breathe through them if they land over their faces.