Restrictions & requirements

All clothing manufacture requires that chemicals are used to a certain extent, e.g. chemicals are required to dye the fabric and to print a print. We have been working for many years with a list of solid chemical restrictions, we always ensure the quality of our products from an environmental and health perspective.
Our goal is to work proactively with the chemicals issues, which means that in many cases we go above & beyond what legislation requires. For example, we impregnate our outer garments with BIONIC-FINISH® ECO, a PFAS-free technology that mimics natural water repellency seen in nature. And by choosing our GOTS-certified garments, you are guaranteed that the very best chemicals in the market have been used and no pesticides.

The chemical requirements are checked through random checks of chemical tests carried out by third-party laboratories, and are carried out both during production and on garments that are obtained directly from the store. 

Research in the field of chemicals is constantly advancing. That is why we are members of the Chemicals Group run by Swerea IVF which has over 100 members. The purpose of the group is to disseminate up-to-date information on chemical and environmental issues, as well as being a support and providing tools for working with chemical issues. We have participated in the forum since 2006.

Below you will find our Chemical Restriction List that all of our suppliers have to follow. The list is updated every year with new legal requirements. 

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