Fashion should never be cruel.

For us, it is obvious to protect the rights of animals. No animals need to suffer in order for us to be able to manufacture our clothes, which we secure through an animal protection policy that our external suppliers must follow.

This means, among other things, that:

Our merino wool is always free from mulesing, which is an operation on merino sheep where you cut off skin folds from the back of the sheep's lamb. When we buy merino wool, we therefore always require a certificate that mulesing has not been used.

We never use wool from the Angora rabbit at all.

We never use down or feather in our products, and today there are advanced alternatives, eg. Primaloft, which lives up to our requirements. We use Primaloft that is at least 60% recycled.

We use vegan leather for our jeans labels.

We never use any type of fur or fur details, and in the few cases we use leather we take this from bi products from the meat industry.