Make your own family maps.

With us all thinking about our loved ones, it is the perfect time to create your own DIY family tree. The great thing about this activity is that you can use whatever materials you like, and every tree will be different to everyone else’s.

Our top tip: Write the names of your family members before you start your tree, that way you will not miss anyone, and you will already have the order ready for your crafty tree

Here are some examples of other family tree’s and materials that have been used:

Finger Painting

Once having created the base of your tree use your fingertips as leaves

or even get a little messy and paint your family tree

Use your whole hand and then add card, paint or anything crafty to finish it off

Cut and sticking

Create leaves with cut out pieces of card or old magazines


What a great reason to get the family photo albums out


Minimal materials required and a great way to keep them occupied

Outdoors family tree

How about making it 3D and going outside and using an actual tree to celebrate your loved ones