One of the best ways to feel connected to nature and the world around us is to stargaze. Not only does it feel magical to look up at millions of stars, it can also be a lot of fun for the whole family. It gives you all an opportunity to learn more about the universe and start recognizing constellations, galaxies, and even planets when they are visible.

Read on to find out how to create your own stargazing event that everyone can enjoy!

What you need to stargaze:

  1. A clear night sky

It’s easier to see stars on a clear night with no clouds in the sky. While light pollution from towns and cities can affect how bright the stars are, it won’t have much of an impact. The best night for stargazing is when a new moon occurs, meaning the moon isn’t visible. Without the light of the moon, stars will shine brighter. The next date a new moon occurs is 11th February and there is one every month after.

  1. Somewhere comfortable to stargaze

While you can stargaze from a window with the lights off, nothing beats going outside and immersing yourself in nature. Find a quiet spot away from street lights and settle down. This could even be in the back garden, as long as there are no lights on in the house.

  1. A blanket to lie on

It’s easier to see the stars when lying down. Spread a thick blanket across the ground that’s big enough for everyone to sit on or place a couple beside each other.

  1. Coats that will keep you warm

It takes at least twenty minutes for your eyes to adjust to the darkness. If you are stargazing outside, you have to make sure everyone is warm and comfortable. Wearing coats that are designed to lock in warmth will keep them cosy as they wait for the stars to appear, like our range of winter coats.

  1. Snacks and hot cocoa

A night of stargazing wouldn’t be complete without some tasty snacks and hot cocoa to keep warm. Fill a flask with your favourite hot chocolate, add some marshmallows and sip away as you stare up at the stars. To snack on, we suggest making these delicious daim cookies beforehand.

  1. Some creativity

While it’s fun to spot constellations in the sky, it’s even better to come up with your own. Challenge the kids to see what shapes they can spot in the night sky.