Building your kids confidence does not need to be an intimidating task and can be achieved through basic everyday exercises that only take a minute or two.

This simple but effective two-week challenge is designed to build their confidence whilst also giving them something to look forward to, as there is a treat element built in!

Use this handy worksheet to give them a daily challenge

Click here to download a printable version. or see the list below

If you want to save on printing here are the challenges for each day, maybe you could spend 10 minutes writing them out together so they have a checklist for each day:

Day 1: Write 3 things you like about yourself

Day 2: Write down a time you helped someone else

Day 3: Play your favourite song and enjoy dancing to it

Day 4: Do 1 minute of deep breathing. Take a deep breath in for four counts and then exhale for four counts.

Day 5: Let a friend or family member know what you like about them. Example: I really like your laugh, it makes me feel happy when I hear it.

Day 6: Plan your reward for completing this challenge. It’s good to set goals and to reward yourself for completing them. Maybe you want to watch your favourite film? A cuddle with Mum? A tasty hot chocolate?

Day 7: Do 30 star jumps. 10 in the morning, 10 at lunchtime and 10 in the evening.

Day 8: Write a short sentence of how your day has been. Write whatever comes to mind. A good example would be how you felt.

Day 9: Create a time capsule for your future self. Write a letter to yourself along with any objects that you want your future self to open in 1 years’ time

Day 10: Today is all about posture. Make sure you stand tall and sit up straight. Think about your posture throughout the day and if you find yourself slouching, remember to keep your head held high and shoulders back

Day 11: Put on your favourite outfit today

Day 12: Write down 5 things you are grateful for

Day 13: Look in the mirror and repeat this 3 times. I am smart, I am brave and I am loved

Day 14: Learn sign language. Follow these steps to learn “How are you?”

learn how to say how are you in sign language

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