Parents frequently buy overalls for their children that are too big, hoping to make them last for as long as possible. This results in the overall being subjected to excessive wear because it does not fit properly there is excessive matieral.

The information is meant to help parents understand the importance of not buying excessively large overalls, as it won't be comfortable or play friendly for the child, AND excess material is prone to wear down more quickly than a proper fitting overall

Choosing the right overall size for your child:

The child's height is the most important factor when choosing size – measure the child at home or at one of our stores where there is always a measuring stick available. If the child's height is between two sizes, it is best to choose the larger size.

Don't hesitate to ask for a store employee's assistance. Our staff can easily ascertain which size is the correct one for the child based on height and help out with having the child try on the garment if he or she is with you at the store.

If the child is not with you, you can naturally have him or her try on the overall at home and then exchange it for a different size if necessary.


The best way to determine if an overall is the right size is to do PO.P's playful test!

We want children to be happy and playful in all kinds of weather. And that requires clothes that can accommodate playing. Have the child help you find the right fit. Can he or she move about freely? Ask the child to do a forward roll and to hop a few hops to make sure he or she can move about freely and make playful movements. One good control measure is for an adult to be able to grab a handful of free fabric at the crotch when the child is standing straight up.