We are committed to always improving our sustainability efforts with the aim to create a better planet for future generations. With this in mind we are very excited to announce our new partnership with thelittleloop

Who are thelittleloop?

They are a subscription based childrenswear rental service, whose main goal is to reduce waste created from clothing production by increasing the life of clothing. We share the exact same ethos by offering the best quality clothes on the market, made to last AT LEAST 3 kids!

You can now find a small selection of PO.P clothes on the littleloop website.

Why is renting good for the planet?

Renting clothes is a great way to reduce the amount of garments being produced as the clothes stay in circulation x6 times longer than normal. Renting your children's clothes also reduces the water and carbon footprint by around 83%. Research has shown if we can extend the life of clothes by just 3 months it could reduce the UK’s carbon footprint by around 10%. Children's clothes have the potential to be rented out 6 or 7 times. That's another 18 – 21 months of wear than they'd normally get.

So, with PO.P's long lasting, quality clothes and thelittleloop’s renting service we can help reduce carbon emissions and work towards creating a better future for our children.

On thelittleloop website you will find a capsule collection of PO.P clothes

We have joined the rental market because we want to be the world leader in sustainable clothing production. thelittleloop’s purpose aligns with our brand ethos of ‘The Earth is a hand-me-down, our clothes should be too’.

How does thelittleloop work?

1. Subscribe and shop

You subscribe to receive credits to spend on items of your choosing from their closet. Starting from just £17.50 a month, which gives you 100 credits (that's an average of 6 items). No joining fee. No obligation to renew.

2. Use and enjoy

They’ll send you a parcel of freshly laundered, sustainably packaged, clothes straight to your door. Keep them at home and enjoy them for as long as you like.

3. Return and repeat

When it’s time to swap you just let them know what you’ll be sending back, pop the clothes into your thelittleloop reusable packaging and into the post. You can swap anytime for just the cost of postage. And your first delivery and return is free!


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