"Why not the other way around?"

So said Stig Lindberg, one of Sweden's most popular designers. He is best known as the creator of the Berså pattern, the famous leaf print loved around the globe.

Stig's colorful imagination also gave life to several stories. We particularly love the story about Daniel Doppsko, who travels out to sea on a cupboard!

Stig liked to think differently and his creations show us that it is possible to be functional and playful. Just like PO.P. In this our special new collaboration, his beloved patterns and illustrations come to life

About Stig Lindberg "STIG L."

Stig Lindberg was born in 1916 and filled his world with color and form. He had an eye for detail and liked to mix the simple and practical, with the playful and free.

At the age of 20 Stig got a job at the historic Gustavsbergs Porslinsfabrik (Porcelain Factory) in Sweden. There he stomped in and promised the artistic director to make the factory flourish once again. With his resourcefulness and constant curiosity, Stig gave the factory exactly what it needed...

It was during this time he created his now classic leaf print (Berså), which at first adorned practical porcelain tableware and today can now be found on textiles, gadgets and now our clothes!

Stig himself later became artistic director of the factory from 1949-1957, and then returned from 1971-1980

The Illustrator

Stig's boundless imagination has also given life to many characters and stories, including Lennart Hellsing's book about Daniel Doppsko – the boy who sails out to sea on a cupboard. And the stories about Krakel Spectacle. When you look in those books, you are truly amazed by Stig's ability to mix color and form at an extraordinary level of detail.

After a successful and colorful career, he died in Italy in 1982

The Free Soul

Being able to work freely and in his own way was important to Stig, and he liked to try different painting techniques, colors and materials when he created. The goal of his art was to arouse joy and curiosity, while at the same time he wanted more people to experience the beauty. He was a creative soul who was not afraid to go in the opposite direction, and often asked himself

"Why not the other way around?"

"I know that every time you open a page there are new things to discover."
Lars Lindberg