Fix it or upcycle into something new!

Has one of the children's garments been broken? No danger, repairing yourself is often easier than you think! If the garment can no longer be fixed, you can change it into something else. A sweater becomes a gym bag and a mitt is a sweatband. Here are our tips on how you can easily give your clothes a longer life!

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Fixing a tear

Learn how to easily repair a tear using a sewing machine or by hand.

You need:

• Piece of fabric
Sewing machine / sewing needle and thread

How to use:

1. Find a matching piece of fabric to fix the tear. Cut a piece that will cover the tear and is at least 2 cm wider than the tear. Place the fabric under the tear (on the wrong side) and pin it. You can find reflective repair patches on our site.

2. Sewing machine: Then sew back and forth over the tear with a zigzag stitch, until it is completely covered with stitches.
By hand: Sew with zigzag stitch all over the tear so that it is covered with stitches. Then sew the same in the opposite direction over your stitches, then it will hold better.

3. Cut off excess fabric. Clear!

Sew in a button

You may think it's hard to sew a button when you see how many steps are below, but we promise it's easy!

You need:

• Button
• Sewing needle
• Sewing thread
• Match

How to use:

1. Mark where the button should be on the garment.

2. Cut about 60 cm of the sewing thread and thread it through the needle. Tie the ends together with a knot so that the thread becomes double.

3. Thread the needle through the fabric from the wrong side where the button is marked to sit, and up through one of the holes in the button.

4. Place a match straight over the button and then sew in the next hole in the button. Now the match must be covered by the sewing thread. Then sew a few times up and down through the two / four holes the button has, while the match remains.

5. Then pull the match and pull the needle down through a hole in the button, but not through the fabric. Then gently pull the button up. Wrap the sewing thread around the threads under the button a few turns, so that a small "neck" is formed.

6. Thread the needle through the neck and then out on the wrong side. Attach the thread around the stitches on the wrong side and cut the thread. Clear!

Did you know that…

If you are going to sew a button in a coat or coat, you can attach a smaller button on the wrong side of the coat / coat at the same time. Then the button on the outside is better.

Own notes

Decide for yourself how discreet or fun you want to make with your own team tags!

You need:

• A broken garment
• A piece of fabric

• Double-sided fleece line (available at your sewing or handicraft shop)

• Iron

• Needle

• Sewing thread

How to use:

1. Cut a suitable shape for the layer patch on the paper side of the double-sided nonwoven line. The shape should be about 2-3 cm larger in all directions than the hole to be repaired.

2. Place the fabric piece with the wrong side up, then place the wrap line shape with the plastic side down on the fabric's wrong side.

3. Iron with iron on the paper side of the nonwoven fabric so that it adheres to the fabric, about 30 seconds.

4. Cut a layer of cloth in the fabric according to the shape of the fleece.

5. Remove the paper from the nonwoven line and place the patch with the right side up over the hole on the garment. Iron on the patch with iron until it attaches to the garment, about 1 minute.

6. Sew by hand around the entire patch so that it sticks securely to the garment. Clear!


Garments that have served their role can become something new instead, which is both creative and sustainable! A sweater can become a gym bag and a mitt a sweatband. Wherever you go you set yourself. Here we have collected our tips!

Skirt from a shirt

Do you like the pattern but not the stain that does not go away? Make a nice skirt in 10 minutes!

You will need:

• Sewing machine
• Sewing thread
• Scissors
• An old t-shirt (the bigger the further the skirt)
• An elastic band

Here's how you do it:

1. Cut straight over the t-shirt, from under one sleeve to the other. The bottom of the shirt will be the bottom of the dress.

2. Sew zigzag over the edge you just cut so that the fabric does not lash.

3. Turn the fabric inside out. Fold down your zigzag edge to get a hem of about 2-3 cm. Needle at the furthest edge.

4. Sew a straight stitch along the zigzag edge, leaving an opening of about 2-3 cm.

5. Cut the elastic band to the length you want the skirt to be wide. Attach a safety pin to the end of the strap (if you have one). Thread the strap through the opening and all the way through the hem. Make sure the belt does not spin on the road.

6. Assemble the ends of the ribbon, allow the ends to overlap 2 cm and sew together.

7. Insert the ends and sew the opening together. If you iron with an iron over the elastic band, it will look more professional. Clear!

Old hat!

Have you got a hat that fits well and a nice that has a stain or a tear? Then you have the start of a new favorite hat! Works equally well with a top or t-shirt.

You will need:

• Sewing machine
• Sewing thread
• Scissors
• Sweater
• A hat

How to use:

1. Choose a hat you like. Place it on the sweater, with the hem of the cap lying at the edge of the sweater's hem.

2. Cut the furthest with the cap, about 1-2 cm outside to have the seam allowance to sew on.

3. Turn the fabric in and out and needle the furthest edge.

4. First sew zigzag along the edges, so that the fabric does not lash. Then sew a straight stitch 1-2 cm inside the zigzag stitch.

5. Turn back so it is no longer out and in, and then it is ready to use!

Linen gym bag

An old linen or top can be a really nice gym bag. Does the bag make it extra personal with fun bands and maybe some tailor made application?

You will need:

• Sewing machine
• Sewing thread
• T-shirt and thicker ribbon / string

Here's how:
1. Cut straight over the t-shirt from under one sleeve to the other.

2. Slit up about 4 cm of the top side seams of the t-shirt. Also pop up about the same amount on the sides of the bottom side seam of the t-shirt.

3. Sew zigzag over the edges you cut so that the fabric does not lash.

4. Turn the fabric out and in. Fold down your zigzag edge so you get a hem of about 3 cm both front and back. Needle at the furthest edge. You should now have an opening on each side where the straps will later be pierced.

5. Sew a straight stitch along the zigzag edge.

6. Pin together the hem and sew a straight stitch along the front. This edge will become the bottom of the gym bag. You should also have two openings on each side here (when you previously sprayed the sides of the bottom edge), because here the straps will also be pierced.

7. Now cut two bands. Measure the straps as long as you want them to sit comfortably on your back.

8. Thread one strap into the hem and the other into the hem.

9. Turn the bag back so it is no longer out and in.

10. Take the ends of the straps and wood into the openings at the bottom. Left ends in left opening and right in right opening.

11. Turn the bag back and in and sew the straps in the holes, using the seam allowance that remains from when the fabric was a t-shirt.

12. Turn back the bag and start using!