Never let the weather stop outdoor play and learning!

Got a little one starting or returning to pre-school or nursery soon?

Our designers in Stockholm consider the need to learn independent dressing and toileting as well as providing great solutions to make sure your little one can play outdoors in any weather.

Ask your nursery about their ‘Free Flow Play’ policy between indoors and outdoors, important as children thrive best in an environment that supports and promotes active learning and development. Inside, Outside, Inside, Outside All Day Long!

Look out for the details that make the difference in our new collection of well-considered kids clothes

  • Press buttons never traditional buttons
  • Long zip tabs easy to grip
  • Lightweight and flexible yet warm coat fabrics
  • Pull on tabs and push-off heel grips on wellies
  • Velcro slippers or pull-on moccasins
  • Mitt-clips attach gloves to coat
  • Side zips to shell waterproof trousers
  • Stirrups and chunky braces on rainwear
  • Socks grip ankles and don’t slide off
  • Socks and tights with anti-slip soles
  • Wool thermals designed to look good on their own
  • Polyester thermals for very active kids
  • Drawstring waists on soft play leggings
  • Quality cotton fabrics stand up to a lot of washing


There is a great deal to think about before school starts and plenty of things you need. We have put together a few tips below.

Coats – Aside from keeping little ones warm (not too hot) and dry in absolutely any weather, coats should be easy to put on and take off, lightweight and easy to move around in. Think about a fleece and shell combination that popper together…a smart and flexible solution.

Rain trousers – Many nurseries operate a freeflow system.meaning that children should be allowed to play outdoors whenever they choose. In wet weather, the right clothing enables this to happen!

High Quality Cotton – Getting messy at pre-school is a sign of a great day! PO.P clothing is made from the highest quality cotton. The long fibres enable you to wash at stain-busting high temperatures, without losing colour or shape. Smart in more ways than one.

Label clothes and items – Even our socks have a name label for writing a child’s name. Grab yourself a fabric marker pen or a sharpie and get the job done in less than half an hour.

Indoor shoes – Moccasins are perfect for day care – non-slip, easy to put on and take off and flexible for growing feet.

Outdoor shoes – Ever tried putting welllies on 20 pre-schoolers? PO.P wellies have special tabs to help independent puddle dwellers pull them on and a heel grip to push them off.

School bag A comfortable backpack with lots of pockets and a special chest strap is practical and also leaves hands free.

Unisex colours and patterns – Great for handing down and good for promoting the individual.