With our newborn collection you can give your baby, or a loved one’s new arrival, the best quality baby clothing available. Made from the best quality organic cotton and in stylish designs, we have been Sweden's favourite kidswear brand since 1976.

Details that make the difference....

Press Studs: The press studs on our baby clothes are on the side of the garment as opposed to the back, this ensures maximum comfort for your little one.

Soft Inner Seams: Our seams are overlapped and flat for superior comfort, meaning there is no irritation your baby's skin

Clever Tailoring: The leg openings on our newborn clothes are located to the front, this allows for a secure nappy fit whilst ensuring extra comfort for pre-walkers!

Roll Down Cuffs: Our tops and trousers feature roll down cuffs, ensuring the baby clothes you purchase from us grow with your little one.

Wraparound Babygrows: This style of babygrow makes undressing your newborn easier, especially when their heads and necks are still unstable. You can check out our range of newborn babygrows by clicking here.

Full Length Zip: Our baby overalls have a zip which runs from the top of the all in one to the bottom of the leg. This allowing for easier dressing and undressing of your little one.

Rolldown Cuffs: Our baby overalls have rolldown cuffs which allow for extra growth, babies grow quickly therefore this extra space means you can enjoy your Polarn O. Pyret all in one for longer.

Detachable Hood: The hoods of our baby all in ones are detatchable as they're connected by poppers. This means that they can easily be detatched and re-attached whenever necessary.

Extra Hot Washes: Our baby all in ones can be washed at 60°C to ensure that any bacteria is killed from the spills your little one may have, although should this temperature not be necessary they can be washed at 30°C which also benefits the enivronment!

Stay-Put Socks: Every parent knows the difficulty of ensuring their little ones socks stay where they're meant to. Our high grip cuff baby socks will challenge tiny foot rubbers and sock pullers everywhere!

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Fold-Over Mittens: At Polarn O. Pyret we're masters of keeping kids warm. We have many versatile solutions on baby outerwear to keep the cold out and the heat in, this including our fold over baby mittens.

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Baby Outerwear: Ensuring your little one stays warm in colder temperatures is essential. Polarn O. Pyret have a range of baby outerwear to ensure their comfort no matter the weather, no matter if you're looking for an overall or jacket.

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