Wash functional outer garments

If you wash the functional outer garment properly, it will last longer. And drying instructions garments are actually almost as important. Here we give tips! But remember that a quick wipe with a damp cloth is often enough - it's the best for both the garment and the environment. Only machine wash when required.

Washing Follow the washing instructions. Wash at the correct temperature and wash with similar colors.

Close all parts Close all buttons, zippers, buckles and Velcro straps. Then you avoid unnecessary wear on the various parts of the garment and on the outer fabric.

Inside out Wash the garment with the inside out to reduce wear on the outer fabric.

No rinse aid Do not use rinse aid as it may affect the garment's water repellency.

Do not leave it wet Remove the washed garment from the washing machine immediately after washing is complete. This prevents colors from being transferred to other areas of the garment.

Wash fleece Avoid washing your fleece if possible. You can spot wash if there is a stain somewhere and air them out if they need freshening up. If it needs to be washed, we recommend using the wash bag Guppyfriend, this captures microplastic particles that synthetic material can emit in laundry, which prevents them from entering our lakes and oceans. The bag also makes the clothes washed cleaner, which makes them last longer!

Drying Dry in a warm airing cupboard ideally or on an airer near a radiator. Only use the tumble dryer if really required and always on a low heat temperature.It's important not to leave in a cool environment to dry, as for the garment's water repellency to be reactivated, it needs to be dried at a warm temperature. This prevents the taped seams from loosening. You can't avoid the water repellency gradually being washed away anyway after many washes. Then the garment needs to be re-impregnated . You can buy impregnation in well-stocked sports and leisure stores, remember that the impregnation must be PFC-free to avoid nasty chemicals & toxins.