The fashion world knows and appreciates Swedish denim for adults, now discover it for your kids!

Our jeans come in 4 different washes and 4 different styles. All with with clever features, that help to keep play the main focus.

  • Made from sustainably produced organic cotton
  • Easy wearability
  • Superior quality stitching
  • Re-inforced knees
  • Inverted rivets on the back of selected styles to prevent damage to furniture, floors & walls!
  • Eco friendly leather-effect logo
  • Free from toxins

Washing jeans

If you take good care of your jeans, they’ll be a go-to wardrobe favourite for a long time, and they’ll look better and feel softer over time.

Dye may run

Jeans are coloured with indigo, a dye that runs and fades over time. This applies to dark denim especially, but also to light denim. So be careful when coming into contact with light-coloured clothes and upholstery, as the dye from jeans can rub off on them.

All jeans are unique

Fun fact: no two pairs of jeans are exactly alike. Each pair of jeans has a unique colour finish, as the dye coats the yarns of the fabric differently. And jeans are given wear effects by being rubbed with sandpaper by hand.

Choose your fit..

  1. Loose fit: Relaxed jean with wide, straight leg
  2. Regular fit: Straight leg, in between wide and slim
  3. Slim fit: Super comfy jean with stretchy fabric & fitted leg
  4. Super slim: Our most tightly fitting leg with stretchy fabric

Free from Toxins

Did you know most jeans contain chemicals that may be harmful to the wearer and are extremely damaging to the environment? Well, not Polarn O. Pyret jeans!

It might not be something you have ever considered but it is certainly worth knowing that the jeans you buy from PO.P are chemical free, meaning there are no hazards to health when they are washed and worn. Also, the manufacturing process we use is a lot kinder to the environment.

From the cultivation of the cotton crops that are treated with pesticides and fertilizers, to the dyeing and de-stressing of jeans, there are chemicals used throughout the process.

A test carried out by independent testing and research company Testfakta, compared Polarn O. Pyret jeans with some other well-known brands and results found that PO.P jeans were completely free from the substances they tested. In fact, we were the only retailer out of ten that showed ZERO toxins in the results.

Nine of the ten jeans contained traces of Aniline, a substance that is used when the fabric is stained and at high concentrations is allergenic, environmentally harmful and even suspected of being carcinogenic. The levels Testfakta measured is not expected to be immediately harmful to the person who wears the jeans, but Ing-Marie Olsson, a toxicologist at the Swedish Chemicals Agency considers that the substance should be avoided in consumer products.

It turns out that three pairs of jeans contained the hazardous substance NPE. It forms the degradation of nonylphenol, which is very toxic to aquatic organisms and has also been shown to be an endocrine disruptor which can interfere with hormone levels if exposed for a long time.

PO.P passed the tests with flying colours, showing no traces of harmful substances!



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